Mestre Barao

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Conde Coma

Mestre Luiz Roberto Barão is a black belt of the great master George Gracie and his father, Roberto Barão. His father was George Gracie's first black belt outside the Gracie family, in 1942.

After coming to São Paulo, George learned of a soccer team known to be good at fighting, where the father of Barão played. After being introduced, George asked if he knew Jiu Jitsu, Barão father said he only knew Boxing, after a quick fight against George, where Barão couldn’t do anything against him, he decided to practice the new sport. The two opened the first Gracie academy in the Brás neighborhood of São Paulo where they taught jiu jitsu classes together.

George Gracie

From his first steps Luiz Roberto Barão was already on the mat, born in 1962, his first jiu-jitsu medal was in 1966. He always trained with George and his father, until the two died in 1983, which resulted in the closing of the academy in Brás. After that year, Barão trained in different schools, with the master Silvio Behring in São Paulo, and due to frequent trips to Rio de Janeiro, with Rolls and Carlson Gracie in Rio.

In the 90's, Fabio Gurgel came to São Paulo and the master Romero Jacare pointed him to Barão. The two opened together with Master Flavio Behring a gym in Morumbi, team Master Jiu Jitsu. In 1994, Jacaré suggested to Fabio and Barão the formation of a stronger and more united team, and that year they founded together the Alliance Jiu Jitsu team. At Alliance, Barão taught and trained with great names of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu such as Leo Vieira, Terere, Demian Maia, Marcelo Garcia, among others.

George Gracie

In 2009, Barão decided to walk alone and formed his own team, Barão Jiu Jitsu. Currently the master teaches in Alphaville Tamboré at the Slice Tennis Academy.