Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Women

As one of the most effective self defense against a bigger and stronger opponent, BJJ is indispensable for women.

When it comes to women who want to defend themselves, it’s completely indispensable. When you’re talking about sexual assault going to the ground is almost inevitable. Therefore if you’re a woman who wants to be a hardened target, you need to have some high quality training in, and understanding of, the ground game. As a woman you’ve GOT to prepare for the ground.

helio Gracie

The single most important thing you can do is to become comfortable with close proximity and non-sexual physical contact. Unless you train in grappling and desensitise yourself to this range, your brain can shut off on you, and you need to keep thinking all the time in situations like this!

It’s better to be on top than on bottom, but if you end up on bottom then the ONLY position in which you’re not losing is the guard. It’s called ‘the guard’ because your legs are guarding your head and controlling your opponent.

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